Salida is a "Statutory City" and the festival sales tax is
collected by the State of Colorado ~ not the festival management.

You are required to show this permit (or the number) to exhibit in the festival.

This information was included in the Zapp application, and sent in several emails so you would be sure and have the information in time for the festival.

If you do not have the license, then #3 and #4 applies. Bring the copies with you to the show.

FYI...In Salida the sales tax collection is
7.9%. (State 2.9%, City 3.0% and County 2.0%)

To obtain the license:
1. On the select   Form # DR 0589
"Sales Tax Special Event License Application for Single or Multiple Events,"
2. File on line or download the form, complete it and mail it with your payment to

P.O. Box 13200
Denver, CO 80261-0013

**3. Keep a copy of the application and the check

**4. Bring the copies to Check In at the festival




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